When Not To Use Parcel Post

When Not To Use Parcel Post

Parcel post, can for a lot of businesses prove a very cost effective way of shipping a wide variety of parcels, and provide a more cost efficient solution than a traditional parcel courier. Ideally it is suited to heavy items where next day delivery is not required. Send Parcels to USA

However whilst parcel post has several advantages, it also has several major disadvantages.

Firstly whilst it is good for shipping heavy bulky items, it may well be that for lighter parcels that a parcel courier is cheaper.

Secondly, you will have to take all of your goods to them to send. This means that someone in your company has got to drive the goods to them to send. You will most likely have to pay for the delivery in cash, and you may not know how much this will be until you get there.

This gives us a couple of issues. It means someone has to take time out from their day job to take the parcels to the post office, and then queue to get them weighed and paid for. All of which costs time and money.
Whereas a parcel courier will come to you to collect your goods, and you will have an account, and so eliminate any cash handling issues. Thus saving you time.

A parcel courier will guarantee next day delivery, where as parcel post may take three to five days. In addition a parcel courier will use a tracking system so that you can see where your parcel is at anyone time, where as this is not the case with parcel post.

Both the traditional parcel courier service and parcel post, may well both have a place in your business, but think carefully as to who to courier parcels with to minimise your overall costs.

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